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The Ultimate Guide  to American and Korean Fried Chicken and What Makes Them Different

What is the Difference Between American & Korean Fried Chicken?

American vs. Korean Fried Chicken: Why Is the Flavouring So Different?

The seasoning for Korean fried chicken is very different from the American. The most notable difference is the type of soy sauce used.

The soy sauce for Korean fried chicken consists of a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and garlic. This mixture is then boiled until it becomes thick and syrupy to create a sweet and savory taste that is unique to Korean fried chicken. And in a fried chicken restaurant like O Chicken, there are more sauces to choose from, such as snow cheese, soy garlic, honey mustard, etc. These sauces bring a rich experience to the taste buds

In contrast, the American version uses a thinner soy sauce that doesn’t have any sugar mixed in with it. The result is a saltier flavor that can sometimes be slightly overpowering depending on the person’s preference.

For another important difference, you will notice that while American-style fried chicken usually consists of a thick, browned, well-seasoned crust with flabby, moist meat, Korean-style fried chicken often comes across as healthier and less fatty.

How is American & Korean Fried Chicken Cooked?

American and Korean fried chicken has a lot of differences in terms of cooking methods.

The American fried chicken is usually deep-fried in a pan with oil or lard. The pieces are then cooked on both sides until they are golden brown. On the other hand, the Korean fried chicken is usually deep-fried in a pan with vegetable oil. The pieces are cooked on both sides until they turn brown and crispy.

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The Key Difference Between American & Korean Fried Chicken


  • Korean fried chicken is typically smaller, thinner, and less crispy than American fried chicken
  • American fried chicken has a crispier texture than Korean fried chicken

Fat content

  • Korean fried chicken is usually much lower in fat content because they fry their chicken in vegetable oil.
  • Americans use lard or shortening to fry, so American fried chicken is fatter.


  • The seasoning in Korean fried chicken includes sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper
  • American fried chicken only contains salt and pepper

Frying temperature

  • The frying temperature of Korean fried chicken is lower than American style fried chicken
  • American fried chicken is fried at a higher temperature than Korean fried chicken.


  • One piece of Korean fried chicken will cost you around 1,000 won ($1), which is significantly cheaper than American fried chicken
  • American fried chicken cost about $6-8 dollars per piece in the US
Classic American Fried Chicken

Both Korean fried chicken and American fried chicken can be served with fries or coleslaw; sauce.

The difference is that the former offers soy, garlic-chili paste, ginger root powder, white vinegar as its basic seasoning while the latter relies primarily on salt for flavoring purposes.

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