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Proven Growth Potential

We have an ambitious expansion plan ahead and are looking for enthusiastic partners to join us. We are poised to take advantage of the “buzz” associated with Korean fried chicken food and how Australians are falling in love with the concept. After all, our brand is well established and recognised by customers, who will be all too happy to see a new franchise operation in their area.

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Trending Food in Australia

Korean food is one of the hottest new trends across Australia, and whenever an O Chicken franchise opens, it always becomes a hotspot. Be part of this action when you become a franchisee.

Unique Recipes

We have a unique range of menu items and  feature secret sauces that get people coming back for more. Like our Boneless Chicken with Korean Sauce cup bap, a signature dish that’s mouthwatering when served with steamed rice and salad. Or how about an Original Drumsticks meal, featuring our secret recipe breadcrumbs?


Central Processing Food

We pride ourselves on our food preparation and our dedicated central food processing facility. Here, we always make sure that food quality is consistent and top-notch. Our team of experts follows a strict protocol so that the food served at every facility is great. This allows a new franchisee to focus on their operation without worrying about food quality.

Become an O Chicken Franchisee

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Our Support

We offer franchisees a great deal of support leading up to opening day and beyond. We’re excited and invested in your future success. The support we provide can come in many forms. This includes but is not limited to: 

Site Selection

We help you to choose the perfect site, taking into account demand, local demographics and accessibility.

Help With Your Opening Budget

We know through experience how much it should cost to set everything up and will help you define your opening budget.

Defining Your Business Goals

What’s your objective? Perhaps you want to open more than one franchise location or expand in other ways. Either way, we’ll provide you with the best advice.

Ongoing Operational Support

When you get underway, we will provide you with a helping hand. We’ll give you ongoing operational support, especially in those crucial early days.

Comprehensive Training

it’s all about teamwork, and you will have key people to train if you’re going to provide stellar service. We will supply you with a comprehensive training programme.

Effective Marketing Help

When it’s time to spread the word and get people through your door, we show you the best way to market O Chicken and our amazing fried chicken meals.

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